Music (Vocal Performance), WJZ Old Time and Creative Radio (Re-Creation Radio – Writing and Performance), Amateur Radio, Computers, Reading, Writing, Roller Skating, Weight Lifting, Historical Re-Enactment, Sewing, Crafts, Competitive Swing and Ballroom Dancing.



University of Sedona – Sedona, AZ – 2010 to Present 

B.A. in Philosophy

Columbia Southern University – Orange Beach, AL – 2010 to Present

B.A. in Psychology

Northern Essex Community College – Haverhill, MA

A. S. in Computer Information Sciences – Earned December 1993

A. S. in Computer Information Sciences: Programming – Earned August 1998

National Student Government Association Award

Student Senate – Secretary, Campus Programming Chairperson, Budget Committee

Who’s Who in American Junior College Students: Dean’s List, Peer Tutoring Program




New Directions Consulting, LLC – Norfolk, VA 

Principal – January 2020 – Present

  •         Business Services
  •         Mortgage Protection and Life Insurance Service 
  •        Professional and Personal Coaching Services
  •         Personal and Professional Travel Services

Valiant Entertainment LLC – Norfolk, VA 

Principal – January 2014 – Present

  •         Business Planning and Strategy
  •         Product Development
  •         Administration of finances
  •         Ordering and Inventory Control
  •         Produce cosmetic products for resale
  •         Produce herbal products for resale
  •         Produce aromatherapy products for resale


Pagan Business Network – GA

Director of Information Technology – January 2015 – Present 

  •         Business Planning and Strategy
  •         Remote Asset Management
  •         Remote Server Management
  •         Migration of Server Resources
  •         Maintenance and Management of all Web Resources
  •         Assessment and Analysis of IT needs
  •         Provided Recommendations for Upgrades/Service Expenditures


Kindred Spirit – Norfolk, VA

Retail Manager – February 2012 – Present

  •         Computer, systems, and office support
  • o   Networking
  • o   Hardware installation and support
  • o   Software installation and support
  • o   Server installation and maintenance
  • o   Software training
  •         Graphic design and layout
  •         Staffing and Scheduling
  •         Purchasing and Sales
  •         Sales and Tax Reporting
  •         Merchant and Network Services Point of Contact
  •         Administrative support
  •         Office organization and setup
  •         Receiving and Display of Merchandise
  •         Floorplan and Store Design


Solutions with a Touch of Class – Norfolk, VA

Sole Proprietor – October 2003 – Present

  •         Computer, systems, and office support
  • o   Networking
  • o   Hardware installation and support
  • o   Software installation and support
  • o   Server installation and maintenance
  • o   Software training
  •         Graphic design and layout
  •         Photo retouching and post-production
  •         Website design and administration 
  •         Video production
  •         Voice-over and advertising 
  •         SMS Marketing Resale Service
  •         Administrative support
  •         Office organization and setup
  •         Transcription services, typing, and file maintenance
  •         Newsletter layout and design


Picture Me! – Norfolk, VA

Associate (Photographer/Sales) (Seasonal) – October 2009 – February 2010

  •         Photography of portraits
  •         Sales of photo print packages
  •         Use of register and credit card machine, ordering system
  •         Receipt and Inventory of printed photo packages
  •         Distribution of printed photo packages to customers
  •         Recognized for Regional High Sales


American Red Cross – Norfolk, VA

Disaster Services District Lead – January 2005  February 2012

  •         Client Casework Lead
  •        Safe and Well Coordinator
  •         Financial Qualified
  •         Disaster Action Team
  •         Case Reviewer
  •         Management Team
  •         Software and Printer support
  •         Disaster Instructor
  •         Administrative support


Solutions with a Touch of Class – Rochester, NY

Sole Proprietor – June 1997 – October 2003

  •         Computer, network, systems, and office support
  •         Software installation and maintenance
  •         Software training
  •         Graphic design and layout
  •         Administrative support
  •         Office organization and setup
  •         Transcription services, typing, and file maintenance
  •         Newsletter layout and design


Impressions Apparel – Marketplace Mall – Rochester, NY

Store Manager (Seasonal) – October 2001 – January 2002

  •         Brought store to Second Place in National Sales
  •         Interfacing with District Manager
  •         Problem Solving
  •         Hiring, training, and supervision of sales associates
  •         Monitoring, receiving, and display of inventory
  •         Loss prevention measures
  •         Reporting of Payroll, Daily and Weekly Sales
  •         Customer Service and Satisfaction


Dartnell Enterprises – East Rochester, NY

Contract to Xerox Corporation

Software System Test Core Engineer – September 2000 – February 2001

  •         Analyzed and interpreted assigned segments of requirement documents
  •         Developed test procedures for cross-platform printer controller products according to documentation
  •         Evaluated and reported testing results/failures
  •         Participated in team peer review of testing procedures
  •         Managed and coordinated archiving and updating of internal process documentation
  •         Performed periodic reporting for status, billing, and time management purposes
  •         Problem Solving


SunGard Trading Systems – Pittsford, NY

(A Division of SunGard Data Systems, Inc. – Weehawken, NJ) Analyst/Programmer/Engineering Level Support – September 1999 – August 2000

·        Engineering Level support of Brokerage Security Trading Product

  •         Processed and escalated trouble and bug reports
  •         Generated weekly activity reports
  •         Monitored support staff
  •         Built and distributed software releases
  •         Maintained software configuration control for product environment
  •         Installed and configured new customer servers
  •         Performed remote maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting of existing customer servers
  •         Worked closely with NASDAQ Customer and Network Support Units
  •         Evaluated and researched trouble transactions for FTC compliance and activity
  •         Customer relations/satisfaction


NF Associates – Webster, NY Contract to Xerox Corporation Software Development Technician

Color Solutions Business Unit – January 1999 – September 1999

  •         Provided agency testing support
  •         Provided hardware and software support for developmental color laser product
  •         Developed integration of software modules and version builds of IOT software
  •         Performed initial testing and distribution of software/firmware releases
  •         Maintained software configuration control and testing matrix development
  •         Developed, distributed, and troubleshot software upgrade procedures
  •         Reviewed and troubleshot customer and service documentation
  •         Maintained and upgraded lab equipment, including desktop  PC’s,  laptops, and Novell servers


NF Associates – Webster, NY

Contract to Xerox Corporation

Channels VAR Support Technician

Second Level Support to Team Xerox – February 1998 – January 1999

  •         Provided second lever end-user support as well as VAR Reseller support for network color laser printing products
  •         Replicated, analyzed, and escalated customer problems as needed.
  •         Evaluated and troubleshot network connectivity problems, troubleshot printing issues, including PostScript code analysis
  •         Resolved problems via telephone and followed up with customers to verify solutions
  •         Provided support for network printer installation and troubleshooting within Windows NT, Novell, Banyan-Vines, Macintosh, and Microsoft Peer-to-Peer environments via TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, and NetBEUI, NT, Novell 3.x and 4.x server maintenance
  •         Customer relations/customer satisfaction


The Sutherland Group – Rochester, NY

Second Level Help Desk Technician – June 1997 – February 1998

  •         Provided secondary level support for network and application help desks
  •         Evaluated network security issues and client problems       
  •         Resolved customer problems via telephone
  •         Provided dispatch of on-site personnel as needed
  •         Provided backup coverage of up to five alternate help desks


Solutions with a Touch of Class – Haverhill, MA

Sole Proprietor – January 1985 – June 1997

  •         Computer, systems, and office support
  •         Software installation and maintenance
  •         Software training
  •         Graphic design and layout, 
  •         Administrative support, 
  •         Office organization and setup
  •         Transcription services, typing, and file maintenance
  •         Newsletter layout and design


ASAP Computer Help – Exeter, NH

Associate Engineer – May 1997 – June 1997

  •         PC Technician at office/retail location
  •         Evaluated, recommended, repaired and upgraded hardware and software
  •         Upgraded and installed software and peripheral equipment
  •         Diagnosed computer issues and dispatched field technicians when needed


Unicore Software – North Andover, MA

Lead Technical Support – April 1995 – June 1995; February 1997 – May 1997

  •         Was responsible for answering customer inquiries, returns, and other customer service issues
  •         Provided detailed customer support for BIOS products
  •         Designed streamlining of the customer service process
  •         Developed and maintained multi-dimensional service tracking database with user interface
  •         Assembled desktop system and established office LAN
  •         Designed preliminary version of World Wide Web page
  •         Designed print advertisements


COCO+CO. – Boston, MA

Account Manager

  •         Serviced client accounts
  •         Copy writing of print ads, press releases, and radio advertising
  •         Graphic design of business cards, fliers, print advertisements, etc.
  •         Maintained mailing lists
  •         HTML and cgi programming
  •         Maintained in-house World Wide Web pages
  •         Radio advertising sales


University of Massachusetts at Lowell – Lowell, MA

Computer Systems Center

System Monitor/Assistant Administrator

  •         Monitored and provided basic administration of internal/dial in UNIX network
  •         Mounted volumes and monitored volume usage
  •         Created and managed user accounts
  •         Monitored security


Northern Essex Community College – Haverhill, MA

Bursar’s Office

Accounts Receivable Clerk – 1992 - 1994

  •         Received and posted student payments
  •         Provided preliminary tuition estimations during registration periods
  •         Managed third party billing


Graphic Strategies – Haverhill, MA

Account Manager/Administrative Assistant – 1991 - 1992

  •         Provided assistance to the CEO
  •         Copywriting and copy preparation for newsletters, fliers, advertisements, press releases, etc.
  •         Managed and provided phone sales of print advertisements
  •         Processed mail orders
  •         Provided mailing list maintenance


United States Treasury – Andover, MA

Internal Revenue Service (Seasonal) Data Transcription – 1987 - 1991

  •         Transcribed encoded tax returns to electronic media
  •         Verified balance of reported amounts


BN Productions – Woburn, MA

Shipping & Receiving – June 1989

  •         Responsible for inventory and reporting of current stock
  •         Received incoming shipments
  •         Prepared outgoing shipments and verified delivery of products
  •         Maintained records of orders shipped
  •         Interfaced with various shipping contractors


McCarthy Companies – Wilmington, MA

Assistant to the Vice President of Operations – June 1987 -  1989

  •         Performed account reconciliation
  •         Prepared final accounts for collection process
  •         Updated and maintained IBM PC standalones
  •         Performed backups of IBM Series I
  •         Printed reports, invoices, and memos
  •         Administered PBX phone system
  •         Assisted with general needs including billing and customer relations


Haverhill Education Association – Haverhill, MA

Administrative Assistant – June 1985 – June 1987

  •         Reception, clerical, transcription – single-person office
  •         General office management
  •         Ordered supplies


Also intermittent contract employment:

·                    Office Administration

·                    Restaurant Service/Front of House

·                    Sales

·                    Sound and Lighting technician for stage shows (non-union)

·                    Stage Hand (non-union)

·                    Rigging (building and climbing staging and elevated wiring and lighting) (non-union)